Find Wellness at Work

Kettle is a workplace assistant that helps you pause inbound communications so you can make space to disconnect, learn or focus.

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Where does the time go?

Where does all the time go?

With Kettle, you can reclaim hours a week of individual time and feel better about your workplace.

30 interruptions

per hour avoided

40% increase

in workplace satisfaction

"Where I got the most out of Kettle is that pushing the button helped me set and stick to an intention for myself."

Project Manager

"I’ve been able to stay heads down without distractions, but it’s not just about the distractions. Kettle is forming a habit and routine as well."

Quality Assurance

"From day one, Kettle helped me extract out very useful time to think and concentrate."

Software Engineer

Calm your mind from work communication


Office 365

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Coming Soon


Feeling overwhelmed all the time

Set the timer for a few minutes to pause notifications and get back to feeling centered and in control.

Block out your calendar

Block out your calendar

Every session puts a block on your calendar when you need it. Kettle can give daily suggestions for sessions based on your preferences too.

Reduce distractions

Kettle will temporarily hide new inbound emails and messages. Everything comes back on session end.

Reduce Distractions

Signal to others

Kettle changes your status and responds back to teammates when you’ll be free again.

Reflect & Grow

Learn about your daily patterns and best practices in behavioral science so you can work smarter, not harder.

Looking for a change?

Reclaim your day and wellness back at work.