is able to bring individual contributors into deep work mode with it’s well-rounded hardware and software. When they came to pitch, the team quickly bought into the concept of deep work and how it could help each engineer achieve more by cutting down dramatically the disturbance of an open office environment in the company.

It’s easy to use. The concept is strait-forward. And it looks pretty on any work desk. The most important part is that it really worked well. Everyday in the morning when I walked into the office, the first think I did was that I enabled and start focusing some tasks handed-off to me until my first meeting.

What do you dislike?

We started when it was still very early in development. Back then, stil had some amount of bugs that would annoy the engineers.

One the bugs were cleared out, all good from there.

Recommendations to others considering the product:
Highly recommended if you would like to bring the team into deep work zone.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
The software team we have locates in an open office environment. An open office environment is great for the workers who need to seek for constant communication. However, the exact constant communication servers as disturbance for those professionals who needs high concentration for their job. Software engineers and data scientists are the examples of this kind.

With, we were hoping to bring the software team and AI team from the open office environment into their very own virtual offices away from the noise so that they could come into their deep work zone. helped us with exactly this.